On rituals & creating my own Spa


Kim Noorda in The ancients / Vogue UK May 2005 (photography: Laurie Bartley) / how to create a spa treatment room at home / via www.fashionedbylove.co.uk
Weekend is for love, bliss and a few indulgent rituals that, if you remember my earlier rumblings, I promised myself as a way to switch off and relax. And while some women are lucky enough to find themselves at a Spa, I am a lot more spartan and tend to DIY. A lot. Having said that I do believe in a few very special treats that take a simple scrub-mask-shower-slap-some-cream-blah into an utterly perfect out-of-body experience.

If this was a commercial, at this point the camera would be zooming a bottle of oil, but since we are in a reading mode, these are the oils I would like to introduce you to today. Just like my beloved Sacred, the trio was created by Mauli Rituals, my favourite Ayrverdic all-natural skincare line. At first the Dosha Oils were available exclusively at the Bulgari Spa, but eventually appeared in Mauli shop and caught my attention immediately.

There were a few things I liked about them. First of all, the all-natural-preservative-free blends were made with a certain dosha in mind, so they felt more unique to each person rather than a typical solution of "stressed - use lavender, happy - use lemon" sort of thing. Secondly, if you were curious about Sacred, but could not quite justify its price, one of the Serenity, Spirited or Surrender would be a wonderful alternative (though nothing, absolutely nothing smells as enchanting as Sacred, I won't lie...) And thirdly, the new oils did make me feel amazing - as simple as that.

Mauli Rituals dosha oils - Spirited, Serenity & Surrender / Bulgari Spa Ayurvedic treatments / via www.fashionedbylove.co.uk
I've tried all three, but Serenity (aimed to pacify a fiery mood, ease tension, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins and suit Pitta personalities) became the one I will be sticking with. Initially it was the fragrance - an imaginary cool spring evening dotted with aroma of tulips and daffodils or, in other words, expertly blended oils of ylang-ylang and lemon grass that really shine through - that I fell in love with, but after doing one of the online tests I also discovered that one of my two doshas, the stronger one, may, in fact, be Pitta. 

Just like with Sacred, I became rather attached to my new bathroom addition, often rubbing just a couple of drops onto my wrists, just like you'd do a perfume, so I could be surrounded by a cocoon of fragrance whenever and wherever I was. And if I had a stressful day, the oil helped me unwind and sleep like a baby.

At one point it crossed my mind that I could actually recreate a Spa in my own bathroom - I had the oil, after all! Said and done - I gathered my Voluspa candles, home-made pink salt scrub and a few other witchery DIY'ed lotions and potions, my sage pads and, of course, my darling bottle of Serenity. True, I did all the hard work of scrubbing, peeling and applying myself, but at the end, once it's all done, ending the ritual with a generous dose of oil and jumping straight under my fluffy duvet, with a pup, book and a cup of Tulsi, felt like an absolute idea of bliss. There was no better way to disconnect and reconnect on every level - frankly, I see myself getting addicted to these special moments.

The oils, should you feel curious, can be found at SpaceNK and Mauli Rituals.

Photo source: Kim Noorda in The ancients / Vogue UK May 2005 (photography: Laurie Bartley), Mauli Rituals via Bulgari Hotel Facebook page


  1. I like the fact that these are all-natural oils, and what beautiful names they have

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  3. The oils sound lovely, especially Serenity :)

  4. These look exquisite Natalia! So calming, tranquil and serene. Thanks for sharing :D I've heard of Voluspa candles.

  5. you can making me absolutely in love with ALL peaces, which do you write about!.......:)
    It sounds so treatment and the first one image is beyond stunning!
    Have a calm, peaceful Sunday:)))