If you only buy one thing


Perfect cable knit cricket sweater via www.fashionedbylove.co.uk / Ines de la Fressange + Uniqlo 2016 collection
Invest in a classic cricket sweater. Made of cotton and linen, this beautiful cable knit from Ines de la Fressange collection will keep you warm or cool depending on the temperatures and add a touch of timeless elegance to any outfit.

The timelessness appeal of this jumper is undeniable... They have been around for almost a century and still look amazing. In other words - a perfect wardrobe essential to think of when planning your spring and summer wardrobe. 

I couldn't help ordering one. The £29 price tag was absolutely irresistible just like the all-natural material and gorgeous details. And truthfully, I've been looking for my perfect cricket sweater for ages because I couldn't imagine a wardrobe without one. Finally, finally, another dream came true.

They are still available in most sizes and navy or ivory options, so if you only buy one thing - run and treat yourself.


  1. Well done, Im sure it will be so lovely on u! I love also the navy model, so chic! Happy weekend Natalia! xo

  2. Beautiful! http://www.alovelystyle.com/

  3. i wore these a lot in the 90s (I'm old). i wish i had kept them!

  4. If I'm honest, I don't think I've seen anyone wearing a cricket sweater - or for that matter, seen a cricket sweater anywhere - since we left Europe. They have never truly been on my mind, but I love everything that Ines does, so now I feel as though I have to have one...!

  5. This sweater does have a great classic look. Too bad it's not my style.

  6. It looks so classy and timeless! Would love to have one like this one.


  7. It will never go out of style :)