Vogue 100: A Century of Style in 2 minutes


Jean Pratchett photographed by Clifford Coffin for Vogue July 1951 / See Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition in two minutes at www.fashionedbylove.co.uk british fashion blog
According to analytics report people have about two minutes to check the content of a recent post before going places. So I thought why churn out an essay about the recently launched Vogue: A Century of Style exhibition if I can simply give you a preview of what to expect?

Personally, this was the first time when I saw Vogue in a different light - no longer just a fashion magazine, but a document capturing our lives and the world we live in at any given period of time. Yes, Vogue has always been about clothes and trends, but everything, from the choice of models, locations and photographers to the way the looks were presented and styled was influenced by the decades and its most significant events. And, whether we are comfortable accepting it or not, the society's values, too. It's very much like Chanel said once about fashion, "it's in the the sky, in the street and what is happening."

So, I won't be imposing my own impressions today because I believe that everyone of us have our own story to tell and certain Vogue moments to remember.

Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition will be at National Portrait Gallery until 22 May 2016. For tickets and information visit the Gallery's website.

Photo source: Jean Pratchett photographed by Clifford Coffin for Vogue July 1951


  1. For me, this is what has always been so fascinating about fashion - the fact that it is a time capsule that allows us to see the way the world was before we came into it. I think this is why I was so interested in vintage fashions for so long. How I would love to be able to see this exhibit in person!

  2. My plan is to see this exhibition when in London next month!