Ferragamo loses its creative director


Massimiliano Giornetti leaves Salvatore Ferragamo / fashion news via www.fashionedbylove.co.uk
After 16 years of designing modern and elegant collection for Salvatore Ferragamo, Massimiliano Giornetti exists his position as a creative director of the iconic Italian house, WWD reported yesterday.

According to the report, the "decision to rely on the in-house team reflects how the company is reaching out to a younger generation of consumers including Millennials and their digital communication... to make more of a lifestyle brand."

While I understand that this is the time we live in, such an idea still comes to me as a shock as, while it can initially generate higher profits from accessories thanks to "the digital communication", it is, essentially, the start of a process when the old, proper, school, traditions and most importantly, perception of style and attitude, will be crumbling away. I do not believe that every house must be accessible to everyone nor exist without a designer leading its journey.


  1. Бренды догоняют время)

  2. This news is just devastating to me - although I have been a less ardent fan of Ferragamo in recent years, I have always appreciated the quality and history of the brand and the turn towards lifestyle sadness me immensely.