The irony of disappearance


Hermes Vestiaire D'Hiver 2014 (photography: Zoe Ghertner) via
The moment I decide to disappear and slip away from fashion, fashion found me. How ironic is that! For years I've been sitting here writing my stories and sending numerous emails that always seemed to varnished into an abyss. Then I decide to give it all up. Just like that. 

Live my life, stop worrying about making a splash - or whatever you call it.

So I stopped. Literally stopped. My Mac got dust on it - the actual dust! I put it away not to be touched for weeks with an exception of playing with my pups photos (the boy got his own instagram and doing way better than me!). Truth to be told, I almost never missed it, just like I hardly missed social media and being a part of it. In fact, what was first meant to be a little break turned into a complete "social medial detox" - a little tough at first, but oh-so-good at the end! 

It felt so natural to be out. I just thought about my pup. And husband. Book, music, good movies, making waffles every morning, coffee, reality and normality. That's all.

The irony of it is that "just when I thought I was out - fashion pulled me back in"! With a mention on Who What Wear and StyleCaster, then a few very special invitations (couldn't make it but boy, I felt honoured!) and finally - invites to NYFW and approval for LFW without any prior arrangement on my part!

So... The prodigal daughter had to return. With a new puppy and fresh ideas still processing  the very meaning of my come back... It's feels odd somehow, yet it feels good...

Photo source: Hermes Vestiaire D'Hiver 2014 (photography: Zoe Ghertner)


  1. Isn't it funny how that can happen - that when we finally take a step back from something, everything comes together in the way we had hoped it would all along? Personally, I am very glad to have you back, Natalia - I've missed my daily lessons in fashion history and walks down memory lane with old editorials :)

  2. По-здрав-ляю..... Очень искренние от всего сердца, Наташенька!!! С возвращением Вас)))))
    И..... О!!!
    Сколько радостных вздохов облегчения услышала я сквозь волны интернета от соскучившихся фанатов истинной красоты и моды, которые неимоверно счастливы Вашему прекрасному возвращению и конечно же с нетерпением ждём новых постов.....
    Интригующих, интересных, шармовых, глубоких и изумительно читаемых с огромным наслаждением!)))

  3. I'm so glad you're back and not a little bit surprised you received such fantastic invites and some special mentions! :)

    T x