Jasper Conran kind of summer


Jasper Conrant Spring/Summer 2017 best looks, details and backstage photos on www.fashionedbylove.co.uk British fashion blog
Roman holiday, summer in Tuscany, weekend away in the English country side or a leisurely stroll through the sun-melted mellow city street... Whatever the occasion, Jasper Conran's Spring/Summer 2017 collection of elegant looks made me dream. Big time. I could see myself in practically every dress he designed. I knew I'd be so very happy should I find one of them in my wardrobe. These are classics, take it or leave it - an enchanting fashion fantasy that moved me to tears.

I can honestly say, collections like this make me wish I could hold onto every single piece for years to come, just because this kind of style magic does not happen often these days. And as sceptical as I've been about runway-to-shop rush, I could easily make an exception for Conran's clothes. Because I want to live some of the happiest moments of my life in those dresses. As simple as that.

See the collection and watch the show on Jasper Conran 


  1. Все все все модели невероятно носибельны и о Боже..... Как привлекательны!!!
    Коллекция- носить ВСЕ без исключения)))

  2. These dresses truly do look fit for a summer of dreams - the first one just screams princess Anne in Roman Holiday for me, and that couldn't be more wonderful.

  3. splendida collezione!